Your Dream Instrument
Your Dream Instrument
Your Dream Instrument

Your Dream Instrument

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This book takes the mystery out of buying your dream violin, viola, cello, bass, or bow. Strings magazine has enlisted the experts to guide you through the tough decisions players face when purchasing or commissioning a new stringed instrument or bow. If you're planning to buy a new stringed instrument from a violin shop, auction house, or online, this clear, concise insider's guide will help you get the best value while realizing your dream. Includes:

  • Market Forces - Looking for a bargain-basement violin by an old Italian master? Here are a few tips on getting a good deal on a sound investment. By Philip Kass.
  • Five Tips on Finding an Appraiser - Steps for finding an appraiser: select an appraiser, understand the types of appraisal, asses fees, understand the appraisal process, and the final assessment. By James N. McKean.
  • It's Valuation Day - Auction-house experts offer free, confidential valuations of musical instruments. By Erin Shrader.
  • Do I Hear a Second? - Getting a second opinion is harder than you think. By James N. McKean.
  • Sticker Shock - Deciphering instrument labels. By James N. McKean.
  • Going Once, Going Twice - An auction primer for musicians looking for bargains. By Erin Shrader.
  • Cyberspace Shopping Tips - How to purchase an instrument at an online auction. By David Templeton.
  • Heirloom or Junk? - The flea-market fiddle: Say, that's a good buy! Or say goodbye to your cash? Tips on evaluating a yard-sale fiddle. By Stephen Perry.
  • Should You Buy Overseas? - The pros and cons of shopping for an instrument while abroad. By Mary VanClay.
  • The Ins and Outs of Insurance - How to determine the right amount of coverage for your instrument or bow. A survey of the insurance available for stringed instruments and bows. By Erin Shrader.
  • Time to Get Serious - Learn to cultivate good violin-shop relations. By Richard Ward.
  • That First Violin - Good and even great instruments are easy to find and surprisingly affordable. Here are 18 starter outfits--bow and case included--that cost $1,500 or less. With tips on getting what you want, without hassle. Outline of 18 violin outfits priced under $1,500; tips for buying, quick reference graph, and more. By Heather K. Scott.
  • Stepping Up - Time for a new ax? Tips on finding great sound for under $5,000. How best to find a good violin priced under $5,000. By Sarah Freiberg.
  • Made to Order - Spotlight on the special duet formed by musicians and those who build their instruments profiles of player/maker collaborations with Toby Apell and others; luthiers. By David Templeton.
  • What if You Can't Commission? - Buying from luthiers who don't take commissions. By Mark Summer.
  • Modern Sound - Contemporary instruments face a lingering, if mild, prejudice among symphony players and conductors. Contemporary makers are slowly breaking into orchestras and dispelling the myth that older is better. By James Reel.
  • 13 Steps to Cello Bliss - How to shop for an instrument priced under $5,000. 13 tips for shoping for a step-up cello, as well as 13 suggested cellos with which to begin your search. By Heather K. Scott.
  • Made In China - The Asian nation has become a major player in the US stringed-instrument market. But consumers must navigate a confusing labyrinth of labels to find the origin of their fiddles. By Kevin McKeough.
  • It's a Small World - Finding the right-size fractional instrument requires a good ear for tone. By Richard Ward.
  • Patience and Band-Aids - A beginner's guide to building a stringed instrument kit. By Heather K. Scott.
  • Best Bow - Finding the Right Stick for You. How to choose the best bow to fit your needs. Includes information on types of wood/materials, sound, weight and balance, and shape (round or octagonal). Plus how to go shopping and evaluate bows. By Richard Ward.
  • Fetching the Stick - The delicate art of commissioning a bow--and one or two tips on how to do it. By David Templeton.
  • Bows on a Budget - Student? Just living frugally? Here are some tips on finding a good, affordable violin bow. Examining different materials and price ranges. By Erin Shrader.
  • Past Perfect - So you want to get a Baroque bow? Here are a few tips. What to look for and what to know when shopping for a Baroque bow. By Sarah Freiberg.
  • Elements of Sound - Carbon-fiber bows gain ground with a growing cadre of cellists. Survey of Arcus, CodaBow, Eastman,Finkel, Spiccato, Righetti, and Yamaha composite cello bows. By Heather K. Scott.
  • Case-by-Case Basis - A few pointers on selecting a new instrument case. By Erin Shrader.
  • Lap of Luxury - Black German velvet? Custom inlay or gold fittings? Tough enough to survive a car crash? Buying an instrument case when money is no object. When money is no object, consider Riboni, Musafia, Caballero, Negri, Ma Gordge, and Weber cases for the ultimate in design and accommodation. By Erin Shrader.
  • Grab Bag - Gig bags and case covers make life easier for pros and students alike. What to look for, how to shop, and suggested brands for your next gig bag or case cover purchase. By Heather K. Scott.
  • Rest Assured - Choosing the chin rest that best suits your needs. Examples of different types of chin rests, a history of the accessory, and tips for choosing appropriate styles for you. By Mary Nemet.

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