Yo-Yo Ma: Portrait of a Cellist, Mentor & Musical Explorer


The most celebrated cellist of his generation, Yo-Yo Ma finds outlets for his artistry in classical warhorses, thorny contemporary works, Americana collaborations, and culture-melding musical journeys with his Silk Road Project. His musicianship and liberal musical appetite have introduced and endeared him to a legion of fans. 

As the source of information, instruction, and inspiration for the string world, Strings has been tracking Ma’s rise to stardom for some time. Here you’ll find a compendium of that coverage, including interviews discussing his love of chamber music, the inspiration behind the Silk Road Project, and his feelings on competitions; a Master Class article that explores his perspective on musical interpretation; news and reviews of his projects; and tales from those connected to him, either by touring with him or just happening to look like him. Beginning with correspondent Edith Eisler’s first interview with Ma after a concert at Tanglewood in 1992,  Yo-Yo Ma: Portrait of a Cellist, Mentor & Musical Explorer offers a window into the history of a truly remarkable musical career.

By Strings Magazine Editors


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