Succeed as a String Player
Succeed as a String Player
Succeed as a String Player

Succeed as a String Player

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This unique anthology from the publisher of the popular magazine for teen string players—violinists, violists, cellists, and bassists—offers tips on making better use of your practice time, overcoming stage fright, breezing through a music school audition, finding the perfect summer music camp, and much more.

There even are helpful hints from some of the violin world's biggest names, including Itzhak Perlman, Hilary Hahn, Joshua Bell, and Nicola Benedetti.

  • Getting in Tune - 3 easy steps to better intonation and a more productive practice regimen. By Rebecca Cole.
  • Creative Woodshedding - Avoid drudgery to make better use of your practice time. By James Reel.
  • Got tone? - Sound advice from the experts on improving your tone production. By Sarah Freiberg.
  • Staying Cool in the Hot Seat - Donna Shryer dishes five ways to get the most out of a master class. By Donna Shryer.
  • Always a Winner - Competing can be the best way to set goals and hone your skills. By Sarah Yakir.
  • Balancing Act - Perfect posture is a whole lot more than sitting up straight—string players need to find harmony with body and mind. By James Reel.
  • Staying Healthy - Nurturing adolescent wellness isn't such a stretch. By James Reel.
  • The Right Stuff - A few pointers on avoiding injuries that can hamper your string playing. By James Reel.
  • Stressed for Success - Make stage fright and audition anxiety work for—not against—you. By David Templeton.
  • Your Parents, Your Pals - 5 ways your Mom and Pop can support your musical journey. By Donna Schryer.
  • On Your Mark, Get Set, Relax! - Prepping for a music-school audition can be stressful. These simple tips can help you breeze through the process. By Donna Shryer.
  • Wish You Were Here - Four questions to ask before locating the perfect summer string cam.p By Donna Shryer.
  • Stepping Up - Time for a new axe? Here's how to find a step-up instrument to fit your needs. By Sarah Freiberg.
  • The Electric Company - Plug in to new forms of expression. By Erin Shrader.
  • Stick to It - Basic bow care is as easy as 1, 2, 3. By Erin Shrader.
  • Advice from the Maestro - Itzhak Perlman says, sometimes, less is best. By James Reel.
  • Spread Your Wings - Joshua Bell with 3 Tips on Making the Most of Your String Education.
  • On Developing Self-Discipline - Rising star and British violin phenom Nicola Benedetti says develop self-discipline to improve your game. By Laurence Vittes.
  • What I've Learned - Hilary Hahn's advice for young string players: Be yourself. By Hilary Hahn.
  • Going the Distance - Caitlin Tully is balancing the demands of school, stage, and sports. By James Reel.
  • In the Swing of Things - Classical violinists don't play western swing. Dang! Someone must have forgotten to tell Damian Green. By James Reel.
  • Viennese Waltz - English violinist Chloë Hanslip may be walking in Mozart's footsteps but she has her feet on the ground. By Inge Kjemtrup.
  • In the Moment - For Nigel Armstrong, the emotional connection to the music is paramount. By David Templeton.
  • Ace of Bass - San Francisco Youth Symphony bassist Elizabeth Dorman approaches the future one note at a time. By Tiffany Martini.

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