No. 197, September 2011

No. 197, September 2011

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Coral Anniversary

The members of the Kalichstein-Laredo-Robinson Trio discuss 35 years together

By Inge Kjemtrup

How a Blue-Collar Town Saved Its Symphony Orchestra

How a fiscally strapped symphony and its laid-off players are resurrecting classical music in their community

By Erin Shrader

The ‘Strings’ Guide to Teaching & Learning

An Americana Revolution

How Mark O’Connor is changing the face of string pedagogy

By Rory Williams

The Community MusicWorks Model

This acclaimed Rhode Island program transforms the lives of those it helps master the music

By Patrick Sullivan

How to Teach a Gifted Student

Be prepared to deal with ambition, pushy parents, and those who see the gifted child as a laboratory specimen

By Louise Lee

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Stentor’s purple Harlequin violin; Pirastro Passione Solo Bass Strings; Tascam’s solar-powered TC-1S tuner; the eLektra Performance System; and Classic Gear item Bam’s Contoured Hightech 2002XL


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