No. 199, November 2011

No. 199, November 2011

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The French Connection

The members of the Trio Wanderer on ensemble performance, playing for the long haul, and freeing your inner chamber player

By Andrew Palmer

The ‘Strings’ Guide to Vintage Instruments and Bows

Castle Made of Sand

The rise and inglorious fall of violin dealer Dietmar Machold

By Greg Cahill and Kim Kowsky

The Gift of Music

The Library of Congress Stringed Instrument Collection is a remarkable legacy of Gertrude Clarke Whittall’s patronage

By Erin Shrader

Tales of the Reconstructions

Andrew Dipper rescues historic violins from the ravages of time

By Patrick Sullivan

Luck Be a Lady

Provenance, preservation, and philanthropy combine in a price-setting sale of the ‘Lady Blunt’ Stradivari violin

By Erin Shrader

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