No. 312, May/June 2023

No. 312, May/June 2023

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Our cover story this issue is a discussion with Seth Parker Woods about his evolving project Difficult Grace—a multimedia concert experience turned recording. “Figuring out how to create this very immersive sonic experience—not just settling for a stereo, right channel–left channel experience, but to create depth beyond that sphere—that was not terribly easy.” Elsewhere in this issue, you’ll also find a special focus section on contemporary instruments, bows, and cases.

 Also in this issue:

  • A personal look at Sibelius’ Sixth Symphony
  • Sara Caswell’s first solo album in 17 years
  • A poet’s take on Mozart
  • The Catalyst Quartet’s recording of forgotten gems
  • What a beginner cellist really needs in terms of gear

 And more . . .


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