No. 302, September/October 2021

No. 302, September/October 2021

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Our cover story this issue is a discussion with the Attacca Quartet, so often described as “up and coming” but at this point very much arrived. They describe the process of forging their identity as a mid-career ensemble with an emphasis on artistic authenticity. This being the issue in which Strings focuses on education, you’ll also find articles about violinist Joshua Bell’s collaboration with violin-education app Trala, Juilliard’s expansion into China with the new Tianjin Juilliard campus, some advice for teachers who want to introduce their students to more diverse repertoire, and lessons college educators learned from teaching during a pandemic. 

 Also in this issue:

  • Violist Masumi Rostad’s solo recording project
  • A guide to instrument appreciation for the player
  • Nathaniel Robinson’s Felice Guadagnini violin 
  • A lesson to help improve your 5ths
  • Randall Goosby’s debut album


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