No. 275, March 2018
No. 275, March 2018
No. 275, March 2018

No. 275, March 2018

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Solo Flight

Antoine Tamestit on his career as a solo violist—and the dangers posed by 12 pages of pizzicato

By Inge Kjemtrup


Subtle Shades of Light

A look back 100 years later on Debussy’s Violin Sonata—the last piece he wrote before his death

By Brian Wise


Life Onscreen

A documentary of Itzhak Perlman’s life serves as the virtuoso’s first major biography

By James C. Taylor


Workshop, Rest & Repeat

A selection of chamber-music camps for adult amateurs

By Sarah Freiberg


Presents from the Present

These contemporary summer music programs bring innovation and new life to the fore

By Anna Pulley


Dreams to Life

FiddleStar Adult Beginner Camp provides its participants a safe environment in which to learn and grow

By Megan Westberg


Summer School

Three music camps that offer instruction in composition, violin and bow making, and teacher training

By Cristina Schreil


Editor’s Note


News & Notes

Remembering Juilliard String Quartet violinist Robert Mann (1920–2018); plus Milestones; 5 Minutes with Linda May Han Oh, and more


Shop Talk

Violin maker James N. McKean on the Gennaro Gagliano cello that left a lasting impression


What’s in the Case?

Violinist Sarah Chang on Isaac Stern’s former 1717 Guarneri del Gesù


Tales of the Trade

Leonardo Frigo inks stories with strings


Your Instrument

The thickness of an instrument’s top and back is measured in tenths of millimeters, but there is no perfect formula


New Products

NS Design’s WAV4c electric cello


Tech Support

Four things to check if your vibrato isn’t working the way it should


My Studio

Playing with character brings beauty and purpose to musical expression



For the Record: Violinist Nuné Melik explores her roots through her debut album and ‘Hidden Treasures’ project. In Print: Dvořák penned his first violin concerto with the help of Joseph Joachim, and more.

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