No. 272, December 2017
No. 272, December 2017
No. 272, December 2017

No. 272, December 2017

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Trend: The String World Ventures into Virtual Reality

By Brian Wise


Trend: Fashion and Function Intersect

By Cristina Schreil


Trend: Music Notation Software Gets More User-Friendly

By Stephanie Powell


Trend: Bow Makers Turn to More Sustainable Solutions

By Megan Westberg


Trend: Artist-Curated Programs Are on the Rise

By Megan Westberg


Just the Right Chemistry

Leonidas Kavakos talks Brahms, Strads, and the joy of playing trios with Manny and Yo-Yo

By Inge Kjemtrup


Life’s Great Mysteries

John Adams’ development as a composer can be charted in string music—despite his finding violin technique a bit unfathomable

By Thomas May


2017: A Year in Microphones

A range of new options should delight string players looking for a special new studio or stage accessory

By Adam Perlmutter


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Editor’s Note


News & Notes

Lincoln Center scales back $500-millon renovation; new Shostakovich work for viola unearthed; plus Milestones; 5 Minutes with . . . violinist Marc Djokic, and more


News Spotlight

Hilary Hahn commits to practicing for 100 days in a row—with unexpected results


Curtain Call

Concertmaster Jonathan Carney on the sound and phrasing of the Brahms Violin Concerto


What’s in the Case?

Cellist Amit Peled on practicing and performing with Pablo Casals’ former cello


Your Instrument

Going crazy over a spectacular poplar flame


On My Music Stand

Violinist Anne Akiko Meyers on the full-bodied range of Szymanowski’s Violin Concerto


My Studio

An enjoyable 5-step guide to teaching efficient mastery of scales around the circle of fifths


Tech Support

4 keys to picking the right tempo through logical intuition



For the Record: Violinist Alina Ibragimova on completing Mozart’s cycle of sonatas. On Record: Del Sol String Quartet weaves unpredictable rhythms together in ‘Dark Queen Mantra,’ and more.

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