No. 252, April 2016

No. 252, April 2016

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Musical DIY

How to make a new violin concerto

By Anne Akiko Meyers


From Bow to Baton

4 soloists talk about their step up to the podium

By Laurence Vittes


Tribute to a Legend

Cellist Terry King on the legacy of his mentor and teacher Gregor Piatigorsky

By Laurence Vittes



Contemporary Instruments & Bows


Whittle by Whittle

How I learned patience, perseverance, and gratitude at Utah’s Violin Making School of America

By Jenelle Steele


Building Blocks

The importance of wood choice & preparation in instrument making

By Heather K. Scott


9 Carbon Characteristics

Professional players discuss the benefits of ditching pernambuco

By Heather K. Scott


Editor’s Note


News & Notes

Remembering Pierre Boulez, 1925–2016; Composer Anna Clyne teams up with Baltimore Symphony Orchestra for world premiere of new work; plus Milestones; 5 minutes with violinist Philippe Quint; and more


First Person

Overcoming focal dystonia required a new approach to left-hand technique


Wise Words

Bassist Joel Quarrington on his relaxed technique


Strings 101

How to add sparkle and bite to your spiccato bow stroke


Master Class

Haydn’s String Quartet in D major, Op. 64, No. 5 is much more than its famous moniker


Practical Musician

How to prepare for performing outdoors


Strings Trade

‘Star Wars’ violin stolen in San Francisco; violinist sues investor over Rogeri sale; Southern Violin Association meets this month; and more


What’s in the Case?

Pieter Wispelwey’s 1760 Guadagnini cello inspires unspeakable trust and confidence


Your Instrument

Cracks in your violin may appear, but many are preventable or repairable


Ask the Expert

Finding a good electric violin is just like finding a good acoustic violin—with a few key differences


New Products

Jarger teams up with Thomastik to introduce new powerful sets of strings; product update on D’Addario’s Kaplan solo bass strings; and more


On Record Violinist Zina Schiff’s new album incorporates technical elements and conjures existential musings, and more In Print Sassmannshaus’ collection of viola pieces covers a breadth of works for the intermediate player, and more

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