No. 250, February 2016

No. 250, February 2016

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Into the Great Wide Open

The Annie Moses Band draws from deep wells of American music, and fills in the gaps with their own compositions

By Bob Doerschuk


From Sandbox to Stage

The Jerusalem String Quartet and Danish String Quartet have been making music together since their formative years

By Leah Hollingsworth


SPECIAL FOCUS:Yehudi Menuhin Centennial


In His Own Words

Milestones in Menuhin’s career, as described by the man himself

Compiled by Megan Westberg


Teach Your Children Well

Menuhin’s educational legacy still influences the string world through schools, festivals, and competitions

By Louise Lee


Memories of the Master

Menuhin students reminisce about the teacher, the legend, and the man

Compiled by Heather K. Scott 


A Storied Stamp of Approval

Menuhin lends his name to instruments with already legendary pedigrees

By Louise Lee


Best of the Best

Ten essential Menuhin recordings

By Laurence Vittes


Editor’s Note


News & Notes

Lara St. John reimagines traditional folk tunes with today’s composers on ‘Shiksa;’ Sphinx Competition kicks off with new president; plus Milestones; 5 Minutes with violinist Anne Akiko Meyers, and more


News Spotlight

London Symphony Orchestra violist Paul Silverthorne to teach in China


Letter From Italy

An ‘al fresco’ honeymoon experience for Dirty Cello bandmates and partners


Wise Words

Steven Isserlis on approaching the music of three great composers


Strings 101

4 ways to add contrast and clarity with a common stopped bow stroke


Master Class

Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel’s String Quartet was unjustly forgotten, but is finally getting some well-deserved attention


Teaching Strings

Use mindfulness practice to focus students on the present for stronger technique and deeper musical thinking


On My Music Stand

Ben Johnston’s String Quartet calls for a re-examination of string traditions


Strings Trade

Auction highlights: Surging contemporary makers and unsold lots; 2015 Canada Musical Instrument Bank winners announced; China customs officials confiscate rosin; and more


What’s in the Case?

Itamar Zorman’s 1745 Pietro Guarneri has helped him discover himself as a violinist


Your Instrument

Learning the basics on instrument insurance can help protect you


Ask the Expert

It might not be you—the telltale signs you could use a fingerboard dressing


Onstage: With new music all the rage in New York, violinist Johnny Gandelsman proves Bach meshes just fine. On Record: Vivaldi’s beloved Four Seasons acclimates to today’s landscape, and more. In Print: A historical glance over four centuries through a mammoth musical lens, and more.

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