No. 247, November 2015

No. 247, November 2015

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Magic Cello Ride

At 60, Yo-Yo Ma is still striving for perfection, but thinking about the role of music in our lives 

By Martin Steinberg

Doing What They Love

The members of the Ariel String Quartet are lifelong friends

By Leah Hollingsworth

Meet Frank Huang 

The New York Philharmonic welcomes its new concertmaster, who is taking the reins from 30-year-veteran Glenn Dicterow

By Leah Hollingsworth

The King & I

A violin maker on the enduring allure and inspiration of the ‘King’ Amati cello 

By James N. McKean

Masters of Expression

Exploring the possibilities offered by different bows can be the next step in one’s artistic development

By Philip J. Kass

Philadelphia Story

The history of violin making in one of America’s great cities 

By Philip J. Kass 

News & Notes

Miró Quartet to release feature film; Mark O’Connor releases 45th album, ‘Duo’; and more; plus Milestones, and 5 minutes with cellist Máté Szücs

Letter from Jail

The Parker Quartet hopes a performance in a juvenile-detention facility inspired the students who live there

Wise Words

Elmar Oliveira on the proper setting for classical performances

Strings 101

Learn to break down your stroke at different ranges of the bow for better tone

Master Class

Mozart’s Viola Quintet in C major, K. 515, is a remarkable accomplishment

Practical Musician

How ‘air play’ can help you improve performance and avoid injury 

Teaching Strings

How to intervene when parents push a student too hard

Strings Trade

Stolen ‘Ames’ Strad recovered after 35 years; Benning Violins takes a star turn in new movie; and more

What’s in the Case?

Jeremy Cohen’s 1868 Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume violin is a star in its own right

Your Instrument 

How instruments used to be setup provides unique insight into what composers and players heard long ago

Ask the Expert

An endpin anchor can make a cellist’s or bassist’s life much easier 


On Record Three viola recitals showcase the instrument’s versatility In Print A Beethoven fragment finally finds completion, and more

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