No. 244, August 2015

No. 244, August 2015

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The New Scheherazade

Leila Josefowicz lends grit to composer John Adams’ violin concerto dedicated to strong women

By Leah Hollingsworth

A Modern Perspective

Rachel Podger shares a few trade secrets on mastering Baroque music

By Jacqueline Vanasse

The Neverending Story 

Through trials & tribulations, the Auryn Quartet celebrates a lifetime of making music together

By Karen Peterson

Hands Across the Water

New York Phil, the Shanghai Symphony, and Shanghai Orchestra Academy team up on a unique educational program

By Louise Lee

Tony’s Top 10 Practice Tips 

Learn to succeed in the practice room

By Antonio Arnone

Strings Attached

The house that jazz vocalist Melissa Walker built

By Karen Peterson

News & Notes

Cellist Sol Gabetta releases two new albums; Juilliard String Quartet announces new cellist; Lara St. John adds knight to her resume; and more; plus Milestones, and 5 minutes with violinist Gidon Kremer

First Person

Double bassist Barry Green on his motivation for making music

Wise Words

The day violinist Samuel Thompson brought Bach to victims of Hurricane Katrina

Strings 101

A 5-step approach to finding the perfect grip for you; embracing scale exercises and all the progress they represent

Master Class

Exploring Baroque dance forms in Bach’s Solo Cello Suite; the tragic story of Lekeu’s Sonata in G major for violin & piano

Practice Makes Perfect

Emerson violinist Eugene Drucker offers tips on focusing on left-hand exercises

Practical Musician

New research shakes up practice routines

Strings Trade

Bonhams shutters musical instrument department; historic Amati returns to New York; Florian Leonhard opens shop in NYC; and more  

What’s in the Case?

IVCI gold medalist Jinjoo Cho loves the dark, swirling sound of her Guarneri ‘Filius Andrea’ 

Your Instrument

For performance or practice, there are times when you need to mute your fiddle

Ask the Expert

Am I hurting my violin by cleaning it? 

New Products

Bam case L’Opéra; the NS WAV violin; and more


On Record Szücs’ recording recalls Primrose, but reminds of the tragic loss of László Weiner; and more In Print Brahms dedicated the Double Concerto to two of his musician friends


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