No. 237, January 2015

No. 237, January 2015

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Taking Liberties

Nils Bultmann’s viola duets evoke 

the spirit of improv 

By Louise Lee 

A Tango State of Mind

Russian-American violinist Philippe Quint’s chamber ensemble prepares to tour and record 

By Rory Williams

Now Hear This!

A new generation of cellists is pushing 

the boundaries as singer-songwriters 

By Miranda Wilson

Special Focus ON 

Strings, Cases & Accessories

The Quest for Tone

16 pros—from concert soloists and chamber players to fiddlers and jazz musicians—

share their string set-up 

By Greg Cahill

String Theory

Ever wonder how firms develop the latest strings? And just what do “warm” and “dark” mean when one describes a string’s tone? (from the Strings archive)

By James Keough

Lap of Luxury

Black German velvet? Custom inlay or gold fittings? Tough enough to survive a car crash? Buying an instrument case—when money is 

no object (from the Strings archive)

By Erin Shrader

Creation Myth

Dreaming up new ideas for musical accessories was the easy part for these three designers. Then they had to market them (from the Strings archive)

By Patrick Sullivan

News & Notes

Int’l Bluegrass Music Association tips its big hat to fiddler Jason Carter and others at annual awards show; John and Arthur Beare launches an online auction site; and more; plus Milestones, and 5 minutes with cellist Rafael Wallfisch

Letter from China

With two tours of the People’s Republic under their collective belt, Dirty Cello is getting some well-deserved rest


Violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter adds curator to her CV as she programs a Carnegie Hall concert series

Strings 101

Advice for adult students who want 

to get very, very good

Master Class

The quiet grandeur of Copland’s 

Violin Sonata

The principles of string-quartet intonation

Practice Makes Perfect

Roman Mints: Building a daily 

practice regimen

Teaching Strings

No joke—consider the benefits of encouraging laughter in the classroom

Strings Trade

An evolutionary biologist’s view of the violin; new study discredits vibration treatments; and more

Your Instrument

The bare facts about shoulder rests

Ask the Expert

What’s the proper way to clean a violin?

What’s in the Case

Mark O’Connor’s 2002 Jonathan Cooper fiddle has true grit

New Products

Musafia’s lightweight Lievissima violin case; Warchal Avantgarde Violin A String; and more


Discs Brooklyn Rider’s ambitious ‘Almanac’; rare recordings by cellist Janos Starker; and more In Print A worthy new edition of Dvorak’s Quintet in G major— 

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