No. 235, November 2014

No. 235, November 2014

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Born to Bartok

Violinist James Ehnes delves into 

Hungarian composer’s masterworks  

By Rory Williams


Better Late Than Never

Joining an adult-enthusiast ensemble—an excerpt from ‘The Late Starters Orchestra’

By Ari L. Goldman


Smashing the Laws of Tradition

Cellist Maya Beiser pushes the boundaries of classical music by embracing classic rock 

By David Knowles


The Heiresses Loved Strads

Anna and Huguette Clark owned eight Stradivaris, including a violin closeted in an abandoned New York City apartment for 20 years

By Rebecca Rego Barry


Comic Relief

How Jack Benny showed America that you can sound awful even on a Stradivari violin

By Jim Farber


Ivory & Agony

Players and bow makers scramble to adapt to new rules trying to turn the tide against elephant poaching—and possible extinction

By Patrick Sullivan


View from the First Chair

Concertmaster Noah Geller is bringing Philly soul to the Kansas City Symphony


News & Notes

Casey Crescenzo of the Dear Hunter scores a symphonic hit; jazz violinist John Blake Jr. is remembered; and more, plus Milestones, and 5 minutes with Johnny Gandelsman of Brooklyn Rider


Letter from Verbier

The magic of attending an amateur chamber-music workshop in the Swiss Alps


Letter from South Korea

Farm-hopping trip to South Korea sprouts unexpected benefits


Strings 101

6 ways to improve your violin and viola vibrato


Master Class

The game changer: Beethoven’s String Quartet in C major, Op. 59, No. 3


Practical Musician

7 simple ways to avoid training in vain


 Strings Trade

A ban on grain alcohol is problematic for luthiers; the “Lipinski” Strad thief gets sentenced; and more


What’s in the Case

Jennifer Stumm needed a viola with a big personality—she found it in a ca. 1590 Gasparo da Salò


Your Instrument

What you should know before your next rehair


Ask the Expert

What are these mysterious extra holes on my violin?


New Products

Two updated violins from Eastman; 

new string sets from Pirastro and D’Addario Kaplan



Discs Ljova weaves joy and sorrow and dreams; and more In Print New biography on Beethoven focuses on the man behind the myth; and more


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