No. 234, October 2014

No. 234, October 2014

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Bell, Book & Inspiration

The next generation gets a lesson, and 

Joshua Bell is at the head of the class

By Martin Steinberg

In Search of Ole Bull

A British violinist pursues the essence 

of Norway’s most famous fiddler

By Peter Sheppard Skaerved

Talking with the Great Dane

Svend Asmussen—the world’s oldest, 

and swingingest, active jazz violinist; 

with music to play

By Matt Glasser

Special Focus on TEEN STRINGS

The View from the Teen Seats

The Dallas Symphony Orchestra’s 

Teen Council is taking charge

By Leah Hollingsworth

13 Gadgets, Gizmos & Games for Orchestral Geeks

Amazing apps, techie tuners, 

fun rosin & more!

By Greg Cahill and Greg Olwell

With a Little Help from My Friends

How I got my dream cello 

(even the Piano Guys got in the act)!

By Calli Weaver

Strings 101

5 ways to improve your navigation 

on the fingerboard

Master Class

Brahms summed up his work 

in the incendiary Opus 111 

Master Class

The arpeggione is a vestige of a distant 

past, but well worth a fresh look

Practical Musician

5 ways to transition successfully 

to your performance phase 

Teaching Strings

How to take your teaching studio online 

in a flash


Strings Trade

June auction sales set records for less 

well-known makers; Like ivory, shell inlay comes under import scrutiny; and more


Discs Violinist Bruno Monteiro 

champions Fernando Lopes-Graça; and more In Print A famous and eerie Bach organ work transcribed for solo violin; 

and other editions reviewed 

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