No. 232, August 2014

No. 232, August 2014

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Pop Goes the Cello

Stjepan Hauser, half of the Croatian duo

2Cellos, reflects on their meteoric success

By David Knowles

Hoopes Dreams

On his first studio effort, 19-year-old

Chad Hoopes shows a command of his violin

that is well beyond his years

By David Knowles

The Art of Sound

Electric violinist Tracy Silverman turns

to the art world on a bold new record

By Shelton Clark

A Question of Order & Method

60 years after Shinichi Suzuki developed

his violin method, controversy about its place

in string education abounds

By Louise Lee

Strings 101

4 ways to strengthen your right-arm

to develop tone & expression

Master Class
The 10 Commandments of Jascha Heifetz

Go post-tonal: A new scale regimen

for the 21st-century

Practical Musician

9 things you should know about casual gigs


On Disc Violinist Patricia Kopatchinskaja & co. explore Tiger Mansurian’s mystic moods, and other new recordings In Print Universal Edition’s Listening Lab series serves as a tutorial for those with a deeper interest in music, and other editions


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