No. 230, June 2014

No. 230, June 2014

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See Koh Go

Unconventional violinist connects past and present with plenty of plans for the future

 Rory Williams


Savior or Charlatan?

Club DJ and composer Mason Bates has put the American symphony scene in a spin

By David Templeton


Songs Set Free

On ‘The Littlest Prisoner,’ violinist Jenny Scheinman reaches out to a new audience

By David Knowles


Special Focus on Alternative Styles


Investing in Change

Electronic-instrument makers bet big on the alt-styles movement

By Patrick Sullivan


3 Ways Alternative Styles Can Revive Your String Program

Feel like you’re in a rut in the classroom? Break out with these three strategies

By Renata Bratt


The Art of Improv

For classical players, borrowing from jazz and bluegrass traditions can provide the first steps toward improvisation and more confident playing

By Louise Lee



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