No. 225, January 2014

No. 225, January 2014

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Ghost Dance

Violinist and singer Iva Bittová’s otherworldly sounds liberate the senses

By Corinne Ramey


Poetry in Bass Clef

The world-renowned Canadian bassist Joel Quarrington joins the London Symphony Orchestra

by Inge Kjemtrup


Special Focus

Accessorizing Your String Life


Home Away From Home—Lives Inside the Case

Clean or cluttered, string players express themselves inside of their cases

By Heather K. Scott


Crystal-Studded Accessories That Give You a Chance to Shine

Baroque Bling’s bedazzled fittings lure players wanting to personalize their fiddles

By Louise Lee


A Musical Palette

There’s no reason that evidence of your musical passion shouldn’t end up on your walls

By Megan Westberg






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