No. 221, September 2013

No. 221, September 2013

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A Bachian Dilemma: Should You Go with Four or Five Strings?
Using a five-string cello on Bach’s Sixth Suite is an option often overlooked

A ‘Finicky’ Strad That Can Teach a Few Tricks
The ‘Lipinski’ violin boasts an impressive pedigree

Become a Well-Rounded Musician—and Better Person
Successful college and conservatory students nurture their intellectual curiosity

Enjoying Magnificent Sonorities without Compromise
Carter Brey on using a 5-string cello to play Bach’s Sixth Solo Cello Suite

How Should I Properly Store a violin for an Extended Period?
If you’re not able to play your fiddle for a while, consistency is king

Mark Wood Signature Viper 5-string Violin Strikes a Chord
An electric violin that offers playability and rich tones

New UK Auction House Debuts with a Bang
Ingles & Hayday sell a “Grand Pattern” Amati for £432,000

Old-Time Fiddling Tips: How to Work the Bow
Mastering these three bow strokes can help explain why a tune sounds ‘old-time’

Prepare for a Musical Life
You’ll need more than dazzling technique to make it as a musician

Six Works, Two Very Different Approaches
Jan Vogler and Pieter Wispelwey revisit the considerable challenges of Bach’s Six Solo Cello Suites

Sound Advice: How to Find Off-the-Wall Playability
6 things you need to know to determine whether your prospective violin, viola, cello, or bass is setup correctly

Success Requires Planning and Responsibility
Using your time wisely—and taking care of your body along the way—makes the difference



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