No. 218, June 2013

No. 218, June 2013

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A Colorful, Consistent Guadagnini 

The power and beauty of David Park's violin inspires confidence
Anne-Sophie Mutter’s Tribute to Polish Composer Lutoslawski
Violinist teams with pianist Lambert Orkis for powerhouse performance of 1984’s ‘Partita’
Ask the Expert: Does Changing Strings Mean Changing Setup?
How to know when different strings need adjustments to your bridge and nut

At MondoMusica NY It’s Old Vs. Modern
Inside the latest high-profile study examining listener preferences pits modern violins against a trio of Stradivari violins

D'Addario's New Kaplan Viola Strings Offer Large-scale Projection for Long-scale Violas

D’Addario Kaplan Viola Strings are designed to meet the demands of orchestral playing

David Grossman Has the Bass of Both Worlds
NY Phil bassist is a little bit classical, a little bit jazz

Glenn Dicterow: The View from the Top
New York Philharmonic concertmaster is in his final months in the most-coveted seat in America’s symphony orchestras

Groundbreaking Work Sets a New Course for French Music
Fauré’s Violin Sonata in A major uses dazzling colors and lovely melodies

Impressive German Violinist Dusts Off a Pair of Warhorses

Julia Fischer re-energizes Bruch and Dvorak concertos

New Achievement Program Is Setting the Standard
U.S. String students haven’t had a national standard to help them determine how well (or how poorly) they’re learning their instrument—until now

On the Road: String Players Are Turning to Cycling
Sometimes two-wheel transportation provides the fastest—and most fun—way to get around. A guide to transporting your instrument safely

Reimagining the Orchestra as Instrument
Mark O'Connor premieres his 'Improvised Concerto'

Standup, Plug In & Be Heard! A Bass Pickup Primer

With more options than ever, bassists have never had an easier time amplifing their instruments

The Violinist Who Saved the Musical Culture of Israel
New film documentary shows how humanity and the arts merged through violinist Bronislaw Huberman


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