No. 217, May 2013

No. 217, May 2013

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2CELLOS Release Sophomore CD 

Duo gets a little help from famous friends
Beethoven Sonatas Reveal the Composer at a Point of Personal & Musical Transition
A survey of the articulations and accents in the Sonatas for violin and piano, Op. 12
Carl F. Becker, 1919–2013

Colburn Conservatory Celebrates 10 years
Los Angeles school makes chamber-music training a major focus
How to Stop Your Pegs from Slipping
Properly functioning tuning pegs are crucial to a healthy instrument
Made in the USA: Earthworks Audio Rocks the Mic
New Hampshire high-definition microphone manufacturer has won the allegiance of the Juilliard School
Mozart's 'Wunderkind' Sonatas: A Body of Work That Is a Wonder to Behold
Childhood violin and piano sonatas amazed his contemporaries and foreshadowed his later works
My Year with Paganini
Chasing the ghost of the iconic 19th-century violinist, composer, and showman brings amazement and reveals the possibilities of roads untraveled
The Paganini Stradivaris: A One-of-a-Kind Quartet
The upcoming dissolution of the Tokyo Quartet opens a new chapter in the storied lives of the only matched Strad quartet on the road
Tips on Getting Your Independently Produced Music Project Heard
How I found an audience for my music by using digital distribution

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