No. 216, April 2013

No. 216, April 2013

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A Madcap Take on Beethoven’s ‘Kreutzer’ Violin Sonata, No. 9 

Sparks fly when fiddler Antje Weithaas meets Ludwig van Beethoven in ‘Wonderland’  
Ask The Expert: Are Bows Immortal, Or Do They Wear Out?
Can a bow be forever rehaired and kept in use indefinitely?
Focused, Rich Bass Makes This Ancient Cello an Ideal Quartet Partner for the Borromeo Quartet's Yessun Kim
1576 Pellegrino di Zanetto De Micheli cello was born in tumultuous times
From Recording High-Brow Elgar to Easing Hard-Time Incarceration
Cellist Zuill Bailey releases new concerto CD and offers oxygen to penned-up orchestral musicians
Lindsey Stirling: Flights of Fantasy
YouTube sensation steps out on tour to promote her hit debut album. A legion of adoring nerds are waiting
Maybe You Should Fret: The NS Design NXT-5 Fretted Violin
Not just for dilettantes, the fretted violin can expand what is possible for violinists
The Color Purple Can Be an Eye-Catching Teaching Tool
Do colored instruments detract from the orchestra experience? Teachers debate what to do when a student shows up to class with a purple violin
The Daniel Pearl Memorial Violin Turns 10. ‘This Is How Peace Spreads’
10 years ago, Maine luthier Jonathan Cooper built a violin dedicated to slain journalist Daniel Pearl. Today, that fiddle still is helping to promote tolerance and understanding
The Dorothy DeLay Five-Hour Violin Diet
Anne Akiko Meyers starts the day with scales and arpeggios
Violin Paradise in New York
This month, Cremona throws a big violin-centric party in the Big Apple with dozens of modern makers on hand
VSA Talk Educates Makers on Endangered Tree Species
They’re coming for your feedback, not your wood

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