No. 214, February 2013

No. 214, February 2013

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A Fresh Take on Mendelssohn’s Complex Cello & Piano Works 

Cellist Gary Hoffman affords these cherished pieces high respect

A Journey to India Teaches Violin Professor a ‘Small’ Lesson
Film doc sparks transformative experience for violinist, composer, and educator Gregory Walker

A String Combo That Has Helped Reinvent the Trio Format
The Verdehrs mark 40 years of building a strong record for commissioning new works

A Venetian Double Bass That Evokes a Lyrical History
Even on a ‘bad’ day, this 1749 Busan sings well at the Met
Bow Maker Trained in Tradition & Rewarded for Innovation
Benoît Rolland wins a MacArthur Grant for his pioneering use of synthetic materials, an ergonomic frog, and customizable parts

Getting into the Community Spirit
For adult enthusiasts seeking to join a community orchestra, the audition process can be daunting, but preparation can help make it a painless experience

Painstaking Research Applied to a Masterpiece
Beethoven’s Violin Concerto benefits from the scholarship of editor Jonathan Del Mar

Plugging in: Electric Fiddles are Opening Ears & Opening Doors
Picking up an electric stringed instrument isn’t just about sound—it can open up playing opportunities

Schertler’s Stat-V and Basik violin pickups
These discreet pickups for committed—and not-so-committed—players deliver convenience and a natural sound at an affordable price

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