No. 211, November 2012

No. 211, November 2012

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A Little (Serious) Soul Music 

Itzhak Perlman revisits his Jewish roots on new cantorial album
Acoustic Enhancer Sound Adjuster, Mk 2
Can electrical vibrations help to break in your fiddle?
For Tokyo Quartet, a Strong Start Warrants a Strong Ending
The Tokyo String Quartet launches its farewell concert season
How to Grasp When Originality Matters in Vintage Bows
Antique bows are fragile, so when shopping for one, knowing a little can help a lot
Inside the World’s Greatest Stringed-Instrument Collection
One man’s passion for violins built the Chi Mei Culture Foundation collection of violins and bows
Mondomusica New York 2013 to Host Landmark US Rare Instrument Exhibit
Violins and tools from the Stradivari workshop will be on display in the States for the first time
Remembering Ruggiero Ricci, 1918–2012 
Students and colleagues reflect on the rich legacy of this influential performer, recording artist, and master teacher
Two Amazing Fiddles Steal the Show at VSA’s Oberlin Workshops
Thoughts on a week inside an annual gathering of violin restoration experts
Vadim Gluzman Firewalks with Bach & Priceless Strad Violin
Homage to Baroque master triumphantly spans three centuries of solo-violin repertoire
Where Is the Violin Auction Market Heading?
Record-breaking sales from familiar names continue making headlines and defining the market, but bargains abound for string players and investors
‘Sweet, Sunny’ 1780 Guadagnini Viola
This classic is a soldier when it comes to projection and tone, which is rich and full of color

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