No. 210, October 2012

No. 210, October 2012

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1725 'Folinari' del Gesù Violin Sets Auction Record

June auctions offer several new records and lessons in provenance and condition
A Guide to Choosing the Right Violin Strings
Eliminate the guesswork and find the perfect strings for your instrument
All That Glitters: Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Gold Violin Strings
Company's latest synthetic-core strings set a new gold standard
An Artist's Life Reflected in Music
Two of Grieg's sonatas evoke the contrasting emotions of his young adult life in new urtext editions
Anonymous No Longer: Tom Roberts, 1937–2012
Perhaps, he was most famous for being "Mr. Anonymous," but Tom Roberts' donations of 17th- and 18th-century violins from Cremona helped establish the Smithsonian's prestigious collection.
BAM Hightech 'Colors' cases

Burning Man of Cello Festivals Kicks Off in Amsterdam
The nine days of Amsterdam's Cello Biennale for 2012 starts October 26
Cedarmont Music Stands

Four Viola Sonatas That Resolve into a Dark Elegy
French violist Gérard Caussé bonds with Shostakovich over space and time
Igudesman & Joo: Classical Music's Freedom Fighters
The comedy duo sets the world—and their instruments—on fire
Juilliard Signs Landmark China Campus Deal
Establishes an educational institute in the Yujiapu financial district of Tianjin City, 75 miles southeast of Beijing
Maya Beiser Set to Premiere a Soundtrack for the Apocalypse
'Elsewhere,' a CelloOpera, ponders end times, from the Biblical era to modern surrealist poetry
Mezzo-Forte Carbon-Fiber Instruments

Summer 2012 Auction News: Mantegazza Fever

Teen Strings: Music & the Mind
A passion for the cello could lead to a career finding the effects of music on the human mind

Teen Strings: Sharing the Joy
The cello opened up the world of music to this aspiring musician and music teacher

Teen Strings: The Power of Music
A tour abroad reveals how music transcends place and forges ties among strangers

This Well-Tempered Del Gesù Can Handle the Road
A 1737 violin inspires British music star Chloë Hanslip with its incredible dynamic range
Turtle Island Quartet is Upping the Game
Seasoned ensemble introduces a pair of European string-jazz aces
Violin Sound Production: Tips on Tone
How to sound like a superstar

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