No. 206, June 2012


5 Minutes with Jean-Guihen Queyras  

On Bach's Solo Cello Suite No. 6
6 Ways for the Non-Bassist to Teach Double Bass 
What the non-bassist string teacher needs to know about equipment, instruction, & direction
A Lost Paganini Violin Concerto That Lends Itself to Improv 
Recently premiered work reveals the composer's youthful passion
A Mighty Cello Work Driven by Psychological Tumult 
Beethoven's Cello Sonata, Op. 69, reflects the dual nature of the composer's life and career
An Honest Thief
Bach Continues to Reign Supreme Among Composers for Cello 
Hungarian cellist Miklos Perenyi surveys 300 years of cello literature
Bach Sonatas for Violin and Harp 
Lara St. John, violin; Marie-Pierre Langlamet, harp(Ancalagon)
Bartlett Mini Condenser Mics for Fiddle and Cello 
A solid sounding and simple pickup solution for musicians on a budget
Bowing Fundamentals: How to Master the Chop 
Add a percussive quality to your bowing toolbox
César Franck: String Quartet in D major 
César Franck: String Quartet in D major. Edited by Christiane Strucken-Paland, in collaboration with the Internationale César Franck-Gesellschaft. Bärenreiter urtext, €10.95 (score and parts).
Changes at Brompton's
Cleveland Appoints New Bassist
Colleagues Celebrate Danish Cellist's 80th Birthday 
Erling Blöndal Bengtsson marks a milestone
David Garrett Will Portray Paganini in New Film
D'Addario Kaplan Orchestral Bass Strings
Gabriel Fauré: Piano Quartets No. 1, Op. 15 & No. 2, Op. 45 
Gabriel Fauré: Piano Quartets No. 1, Op. 15 & No. 2, Op. 45. Bärenreiter urtext, €39.95 each.
How to Choose a Bass Bow—Should You Go with a French or German Style? 
When it comes to choosing a bow, double bassists do have options
How to Develop Your Professional Resources 
5 ways to attract the attention of a manager who can help your ensemble build a lasting career
How to Nail the Score from the Back of the Orchestra
Instruments on Airplanes 
New FAA Guidelines on Traveling with an Instrument
Jan Vogler on the Beautiful Despair of Schumann's Cello Concerto 
Robert Schumann's enigmatic Cello Concerto—the one the composer probably never heard played
Juilliard Strings Student Helps Launch EMI Classic iTunes Series 
Violinist Sean Lee, 24, is among three students featured in the Juilliard Sessions
Mendelssohn: String Quintets, Op. 18 and 87 
Mendelssohn: String Quintets, Op. 18 and 87. G. Henle Verlag urtext, $22.95 score; $45.95 parts.
Three Indian violinists lead Symphony of Strings 2012
NY Phil Adds to Its Digital Archives
NYC Quartet Approaches a Chamber Classic with 'a Clean Slate' 
Brooklyn Rider meets Beethoven's epic Op. 131
Roland Acoustic Amps Feature a new Rosewood Finish
Schubert: Fantasie C-Dur, Rondo h-Moll, Sonate A-Dur 
Carolin Widmann, violin; Alexander Lonquich, piano.(ECM New Series) 
Silky Violin Strings
Something to Shout About! The Knights—'A Second of Silence' 
The Knights, Eric Jacobsen, cond. (Ancalagon)
Speculative and Restorable Auctions Prove a Smashing Success 
Growing in popularity, online auctions of vintage instruments and bows in need of TLC draw a diverse crowd
Spring 2012 Auction Results from London
Tango for String Quartet by Igor Stravinsky 
Tango for String Quartet by Igor Stravinsky. Arranged by Wolfgang Birtel. Schott, €17.95.
Teaching Cello Stretch Position Can Just Be a Matter of Timing 
Once a student is ready, introducing stretching concepts in the right order can be the key to progress
Teen Cellist Ready to Leave His Mark on the Greenhouse Cello 
'Countess of Stanlein, ex-Paganini' Stradivari named 'the whole package'
The Anatomy of a Challenging & Historic Violin Concerto 
How Brahms and Joachim collaborated to craft one of the Romantic literature's greatest violin works
The Return of 'American Mavericks' 
San Francisco Symphony resumes popular new-music series
The Short, Pained Life of a Violin Superstar 
Michael Rabin: America's Virtuoso Violinist (Amadeus Press); Michael Rabin: The Unpublished Recordings (Testament)
The 'Air' Is Filled with the Sounds of Anne Akiko Meyers' Two Strads 
One is a 'blond,' the other is the color of cognac
The Cincinnati Art Museum
Tsunami Violin
Turtle Island Quartet Announces Major Personnel Changes 
Mads Tolling and Jeremy Kittel leaving group, to be replaced by two European musicians
Violinist Lara St. John Digs Deeper into Bach's Sonata Repertoire 
Transcriptions for violin and harp prove a revelation for Canadian classical music star on latest CD
What's It Worth? When Appraising an Instrument, Experts Look Beyond the Label 
5 factors that can affect your instrument's value—and a few that don't—during an appraisal
Zukerman to Leave National Arts Centre Orchestra 
Will depart at the close of NACO's 2014–15 season

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