No. 205, May 2012


'Violin Star Books 1–3 

'Violin Star Books 1–3' by Edward Huws-JonesABRSM, $9.27/$12.39 (Book 1, student ed. with CD/accom. book); $10.83/$13.94 (Book 2); $12.39/$15.50 (Book 3).
2012 Sphinx Competition Announces Winners 
Organization promotes ethnic diversity in classical music
2014 Menuhin Competition Comes to the United States
5 Minutes With Elizabeth Blumenstock 
Baroque violinist discusses her artistry
Attacking a Troll
Boston Symphony—on the Air!
Building the Foundation of Good Technique—Minus the Boredom 
4 ways to develop a fresh approach to teaching scales and arpeggios
Concertino in Hungarian Style, Op. 21, 
Concertino in Hungarian Style, Op. 21, by Oskar Rieding. (Bärenreiter, €8.00)
Dates announced for 2012 AFVBM Meeting 
Gathering of bow and violin makers to be held in New Orleans
David Finckel is Leaving the Emersons 
Changing of the guard to come in 2012-2013 season
Focus on the Recording Arts—Build a 'Living Archive' to Map a Group's Evolution 
The Borromeos use recordings to reveal their progress and deep musical knowledge to audiences
Focus on the Recording Arts—How to Create the Ultimate Audition Video 
With your spot at conservatory at stake, use these tips to make your music and musicianship shine
Focus on the Recording Arts—Practice (and a Bit of Recording) Makes Perfect 
Use audio and video to train yourself to hear what you actually played and not what you think you played
How to Add Sparkle & Bite to Your Spiccato Bow Stroke 
Improve your bowing technique while adding a dash of virtuosity
How to Select the Perfect Chamber-Music Instruments 
6 tips for finding fiddles that will deliver a perfectly balanced sound
John Cage's '44 Harmonies from Apartment House 1776' 
'44 Harmonies from Apartment House 1776' by John Cage. (Edition Peters, $35)
Juilliard's Historical Performance Program Gets $20 Million Gift 
Baroque program will offer full scholarships
Klezmer Shul— 
Unique take on neo-traditional Jewish/klezmer music
Knights Ready 1st US Tour 
Chamber orchestra hits the road on East Coast
Learn to Strut with this Fiddle Tune for String Orchestra 
'Cluck Old Hen' teaches alt-style technique with a side of chicken
Losing that Lonesome Whistle When It's Unwanted 
Why your violin E string really whistles—and what you can do about it
Mark O'Connor Method Book III Released 
Latest in violinist's American folk music method series
Midori Marks a Milestone in a Life Spent in the Spotlight 
Violin virtuoso celebrates 30 years onstage, in the studio, and in the classroom
Mighty Bright Encore and HammerHead music stand lights
Violist and renowned evolutionary biologist and professor James F. Crow, age 95, died on January 4.
Miramar (Zortizico), Op. 42, 
Miramar (Zortizico), Op. 42, & Les Adieux, Op. 9, by Pablo de Sarasate.(Wolfhead Music, $9.95 each)
Rachel Barton Pine—Solo Violin Work Dedicated to the Rebirth of a Nation 
Mohammed Fairouz's Sonata for solo violin is a personal and a political statement
Record (but Secret) Price for Greenhouse's Strad Cello
Schubert's 'Death and the Maiden'—Mastering One of the Most Daunting Quartets in the Literature 
How to breathe life into Schubert's String Quartet in D minor, No. 14, D. 810
Schubert: Piano Trios & the Arpeggione Sonata. Triple Doubles: Double Concertos for violin, cello & orchestra 
Kalichstein-Laredo-Robinson Trio. (Bridge)
Start Spreading the News: Get Ready for 2013 Mondo New York! 
Cremona's famous violin trade show expands to the United States
Stolen Cello
Taking the Realist SoundClip for Cello on a Road Test 
An advanced and convenient pickup solution for cellists who need to amplify, but want to stay true to their acoustic cello
Tchaikovsky/Bartok: Violin Concertos 
Valeriy Sokolov, violin; Tonhalle-Orchester Zürich, David Zinman, cond. (Virgin Classics)
The Cello Sonatas that Sealed Beethoven's Reputation for Genius 
Beethoven's Sonata in F major for cello and piano, Op. 5, No. 1;
The Homecoming
Two Enlightening Tributes to Violin Legend Fritz Kreisler 
Historic recordings and a new album inspired by one of the masters of the fiddle
Violin Prodigy Jourdan Urbach Wins 'Nobel Prize for Public Service'
Violin Speaker
Violinist Lara St. John on a Buried Treasure That Has Risen from the Grave—Literally 
Not even death could silence this 1779 Guadagnini violin
Violist Lev "Ljova" Zhurbin Pours on the Old-World Charm 
Violist, composer & arranger taps Eastern European traditions for each and every project
Where is the 'Duport' Strad? 
Rumors of its sale have been greatly exaggerated

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