No. 193, May 2011

No. 193, May 2011

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The Violinist Ascending

Nicola Benedetti is reaching for perfection

By Inge Kjemtrup

Fanning the Flames

The passion of chamber-music coach supremo

Gábor Takács-Nagy

By Inge Kjemtrup

The ‘Strings’ Guide

to Recording

What’s the Best Mic for a Home Recording?

Stringed instruments can be notoriously finicky to record. Here are a few tips

for DIY projects

By Graham Pellettieri

How to Find the Right Producer

A producer can make or break a recording project

By Patrick Sullivan


Micro-Mini Flash Recorders Making a Big Splash

Put a handy practice tool

in your pocket

By Greg Olwell

Practical Musician

How to recruit students

Your Instrument

When should you use a shoulder rest?


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