No. 194, June 2011

No. 194, June 2011

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Sergey Khachatryan

Globe-trotting violinist stays true to Armenia

By Inge Kjemtrup

The ‘Strings’ Guide to the Bass

How to Buy a Bass Bow

What to look for, what to expect,

from beginner through professional bows

By Erin Shrader

How to Commission a Double Bass

With a surge in players

and award-winning bass makers,

the time might be right

By Louise Lee

Rabbath Method Helps Bassists Get Unstuck

Controversial bass method is front and center

at USC’s Thornton School of Music

By James Reel

Practical Musician

How to retain your string students

 New Products

New Bazzini violins reviewed, plus the Realist SoundClip for cello, the Next Wave 5string electric violin, and more

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