No. 195, July 2011

No. 195, July 2011

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Janine Jansen Returns

Following an unexplained hiatus, this Dutch violinist has returned to the stage, rested and ready for the next phase in her skyrocketing career

By Inge Kjemtrup

The 21st-Century Renaissance Man

Cellist, educator, festival programmer, and entrepreneur David Finckel is a man with a plan

By Louise Lee

The ‘Strings’ Buyer’s Guide

Buying Your First Bow

Expert advice on finding the best bow values at several price points

By Erin Shrader

Investing in a Fine Bow

Purchasing a quality bow can be a wise investment for your playing and your wallet

By Philip J. Kass

Finding a Violin Expert

How do you figure out whom, in a business with a reputation for skullduggery, to trust?

By Erin Shrader

Strings Showcase

Products and services for string players

Strings 101

3 ways to improve your sight-reading skills



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