No. 189, January 2011

No. 189, January 2011

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Unconventional Wisdom
3 bands, 3 bassists & the expanding horizons of collaborative music By Jeremy Kurtz

Violinists and Fiddlers Are Getting That Old Gut Feeling
Some violinists still love gut strings, but how do the fiddlers feel? By Erin Shrader

Are Geared Pegs a Path to Perfection or Problematic?
Rumors abound regarding these newcomers to the scroll of an instrument near you. What's the truth? By Erin Shrader

Best Case Scenario—Weight vs. Safety
When it comes to purchasing a cello case, does heavier really mean better? By Heather K. Scott

News & Notes
Anne-Sophie Mutter and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra perform without Riccardo Muti; Aaron Minsky delivers cello repertoire for Deadheads; Itzhak Perlman and Joshua Bell join NY Phil board of directors; Sarah Chang steers clear of DSO calamity; the Jaspers take Oberlin residency; plus News Briefs and 5 Minutes with . . . Alisa Weilerstein

News Spotlight
YOLA at HOLA: El Sistema–like Program Begins Taking Root El Sistema–inspired youth music program reaches a milestone in Los Angeles By Kim Kowsky

Center Stage
The Merel Quartet Is a Young Swiss Ensemble on the Rise This well-placed foursome is finding its wings and making a name for itself By Inge Kjemtrup

Strings 101
Liberation Movement: Learn to Free Your Thumb The thumb plays a key supporting role for the fingers of the left hand By Laurel Thomsen

Play It!
Sure, the Mood Swings at Times, but with a Sense of Purpose. By Leah Hollingsworth

Julia Fischer Pays Homage to the First Romantic Composer The German virtuoso explains her musical approach to the technical challenges of Paganini's 24 Caprices, Op. 1 By Inge Kjemtrup

The 'F-A-E Sonata' Is an Ode to Kindred Spirits A duo for violin and piano that is a favorite curtain raiser or encore piece By Edith Eisler

Teaching Strings
How to Break Through to a Young Hyperactive String Student 5 practical approaches for the everyday classroom By Ava Michelle Tabb

On My Music Stand
A Tibetan Prayer for Peace for String Quartet & Cymbals Exploring the possibilities of your instrument from a non-Western perspective can help inform your playing By Cornelius Dufallo

Strings Trade
Remembering Henryk Kaston, the last Renaissance man; Anne Akiko Meyers buys Strad; modern fiddles and Strads put to the test; plus Bench Marks By Stewart Pollens

Your Instrument
A Pro Explains How to Best Ship a Stringed Instrument Learn to ensure safe delivery and peace of mind By Erin Shrader

New Products
Meet Yeti—the ultimate professional USB mic from Blue Microphone; plus Pirastro Passione solo violin strings, the Korg CM 100L contact mic, Artino Magic Shoulder Pads, the Realist SoundClip, and the Pinpoint Perfect endpin By Erin Shrader

In Print
Luigi Boccerini: Six Sonatas for violin and piano, Op. 5, G 25–30; Violin Project: New Pieces for Violin Solo; Hymns of Sacrifice and Triumph for two violins and piano; Collected String Trios for two violins and cello; and Mark Andre's iv 2 fur violoncello solo

On Record
Anne Akiko Meyers' Seasons . . . Dreams; Arabella Steinbacher's Bela Bartok: The Two Violin Concertos; Los Angeles Philharmonic's Arvo Part: Symphony No. 4; and Philippe Quint and Gary Karr's Jose Serebrier: Symphony No. 1; Double Bass Concerto; Vioin Concerto; Two Tangos; Music for an Imaginary Film

A Meeting of the Minds Jascha Heifetz and violin maker Abraham Koodlach

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