No. 200, December 2011

No. 200, December 2011

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Lost & Found

Steven Isserlis on the most notoriously lost cello concertos, a restored treasure, and the future of the repertoire

By Andrew Palmer

The ‘Strings’ Guide to Performance Tools

How to use a Digital Tablet to Store Sheet Music

Download a Schubert sonata, save a tree

By Louise Lee

How to Choose Between a Mic or a Pickup

What you need to know if you’re going to plug in your fiddle

By Greg Olwell

How to Pick an Acoustic Amp for a Stringed Instrument

Find an amp that meets your specific needs

By Greg Olwell

‘Strings’ Holiday Gift Guide Directory

News & Notes

Yo-Yo Ma’s professional development days; and more; plus News Briefs and 5 Minutes with Casey Driessen

Play It!

Get in the holiday spirit with ‘Silent Night’ for string quartet. With music to play

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