Be a Better String Player – How to Find the Best Bow for the Job


The Be a Better String Player series offers real-world advice and expert insight that will help improve your string playing.

Bows look simple, but they are amazingly complex,” says Portland, Oregon, bowmaker Michael Yeats. “Finding the bow that is a match to your instrument is a journey, but one worth making.” This guide, How to Find the Best Bow for the Job, provides with the knowledge and tools you need on your journey to the best bow.

Because the best bow for the job is really contingent upon what's best for you, your search will be rather subjective, though there are some very objective characteristics inherent in bows that you should understand to help with the selection process. To help you take a more objective look in your quest for the best bow, consider these qualities outlined by expert bow makers, and learn what characteristics each of these qualities will most likely produce for you. 5 pages


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