No. 196, August 2011

No. 196, August 2011

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Spanish Holiday

Rachel Barton Pine takes a musical excursion through Latin-flavored solo violin repertoire

By David Templeton

3 Is the Charm

Mozart’s Divertimento in Eb for string trio, K. 563—the “K” stands for kingly

By Laurence Vittes

The ‘Strings’ College Guide

Finding the Best College Teacher for You

Learn how to recognize a musical mentor who will bring out the best in your playing

By Corinne Ramey

How to Ace a College & Conservatory Audition

Two college string instructors offer tips on preparation and performance

By Patrick Sullivan

Adopt the Habits of Successful Student Musicians

Professors stress the role of proper prep in college excellence

By Christopher Roberts

Strings 2011 College Guide Directory

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Ned Steinberger’s NXT4 electric cello; the Snark SN-2 chromatic tuner; the Realist SoundClip for cello; HarpHugger’s harmonica holder for violin; plus Classic Gear item New Harmony’s wolf note suppressor



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