Making a Musical Life
Making a Musical Life
Making a Musical Life

Making a Musical Life

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Drawing upon decades of experience in the orchestra pit and the teaching studio, Tom Heimberg's advice and insight about both practice and performance will prove invaluable to the aspiring young musician who dreams of making a successful career in music. This book will resonate, too, with the experienced professional who revels in the talk of the trade. And for the music lover in the audience, it will provide unique glimpses at life backstage. Musicians and music lovers of all levels will appreciate the wealth of practical information it provides, interwoven with humorous vignettes about working and playing with inspired musicians of the 20th century.

Introduction by Arnold Steinhardt
Preface by Lincoln Mayorga

  • Be Prepared - Stress-busting holiday planning for the busy music maker. Tips on how to deal with the harried schedules and performances during the holiday season
  • Bold Explorations - Learning the intricate geography of the bow. The basics of good bowing technique come from understanding the different parts of the bow and specific techniques (tapping, trembling, son filé, "the bow stretcher," "the bite," and the full spectrum)
  • Building a Personal Practice Book - Making your own compilation of excerpts and exercises
  • Considering Kreisler - A New Book Explores the Master musician's Brilliance, Charm, and Devotion Review of Book
  • Contract Tips for the Gigging Player - How and why to write a contract for a gig
  • Heimberg's Handy Hints: Tips and Tricks of the Trade - Comfort in playing
  • How Fast Is Slow? - For beginners to the most advanced players, the right practice tempo is key. Finding the right practice tempo
  • Lessening Audition Agonies: Two Views - Be Prepared
  • Letter from Backstage - Last West Coast concert of Guarneri String Quartet lineup
  • Letter from the Pit - A glimpse into life backstage at the San Francisco Opera
  • Marking the Music - Tips on the fine art of marking your orchestral part
  • Marking the Music, Part II - Unusual/cartoonish musical markings
  • Music for Viola and Piano - (and Bird and Child) Review of printed music for viola and piano
  • Picking Up the Pace - How to find the perfect performance tempo. Tips on how to find the right practice tempo
  • Pizzicato - The Other Way to Play
  • Practice and Self-Observation - How to use self-observation to improve practice
  • The Fine Art of Faking - How players occasionally fake music .
  • To Preserve, Protect, and Defend Practice Time - Guidelines for practicing
  • Tools for Better Technique - Want to hone your playing? Grab this handy kit of scales and arpeggios. A collection of "skeleton keys" to open up better practice techniques
  • Vibrato - Advice on performing vibrato

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