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Violin Virtuosos
Violin Virtuosos

Violin Virtuosos

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An exceptional variety of dynamic violin soloists is making its mark on the world's stages at the dawn of this new century. Violin Virtuosos takes you into their world. In these compelling profiles, the musicians reveal the personal, technical, and psychological aspects of their lives in music: how they cope with isolation, how they approach and interpret their repertoire, and what kindles their passions and unites them with their audiences.

This fascinating companion to 21st-Century Violinists includes profiles of Joshua Bell, Chee-Yun, Kyung-Wha Chung, Jorja Fleezanis, Hilary Hahn, Leila Josefowicz, Mark Kaplan, Viktoria Mullova, Vadim Repin, Joseph Silverstein, and Christian Tetzlaff.

" opportunity to get to know these extraordinary people and what they think of music and of themselves. It is a highly entertaining read..."

—American Music Teacher

  • Chee-Yun - The Exuberant Professional Profile of violinist Chee-Yun. By Robert Moon.
  • Christian Tetzlaff - Profile of violinist Christian Tetzlaff. By Edith Eisler.
  • Fire and Ice - Violinist Kyung-Wha Chung's enigmatic persona ignites with passion when she steps on stage. Profile of violinist Kyung-Wha Chung. By Andrew Palmer.
  • Great Expectations Canadian virtuoso and former child star Leila Josefowicz talks to Andrew Palmer about music, marriage, and motherhood.  By Andrew Palmer.
  • Hanging on Every Note - Violinist Joshua Bell Fuses Tradition with an Inventive Approach to His Career. Profile of violinist Joshua Bell By Timothy Pfaff.
  • Hilary Hahn - Fulfilling her promise. Interview with Hilary Hahn. By Julia Zaustinsky.
  • Jorja Fleezanis - A Part of the Whole Profile, an interview with Jorja Fleezanis. By Russell Platt.
  • Joseph Silverstein - Musician with Many Roles. By Edith Eisler.
  • Mark Kaplan - A Conversation with a Versatile Violinist. By Edith Eisler.
  • Traveling the Genres - Christian Tetzlaff from Bach to Bartok. Interview with violinist Christian Tetzlaff. By Edith Eisler.
  • Vadim Repin - Citizen of the World. Interview with Vadim Repin. By Edith Eisler.
  • Viktoria Mullova - A glimpse behind the polished surface of one of today's most intriguing soloists. Interview with violinist Viktoria Mullova. By Andrew Palmer.

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