Sharpen Your String Technique!
Sharpen Your String Technique!
Sharpen Your String Technique!

Sharpen Your String Technique!

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Learn how to develop good practice habits, basic skills, and advanced techniques.

In 22 chapters by the master teachers at Teen Strings and Strings magazines, Sharpen Your String Technique! will help you strengthen your basic skills. Establish good practice habits. Find out how to master specific techniques and styles. Learn to trust your instincts. Discover ways to express yourself. And apply all that knowledge to your enjoyment of the music you love.

The experts at Teen Strings and Strings include many of the world's favorite teachers and artists, including Phyllis Young, David Finckel, Rentata Bratt, and Mark Wood. The pages of this book are filled with their insights, ideas and advice.

  • You're the Teacher - How to take the driver's seat while practicing. By David Finckel.
  • Mission Possible - Finding time to practice isn't as hard as you might think. By Shelley Beard Schleigh.
  • Know the Score - Learning to trust your instincts when approaching a piece of music. Tips and advice on how to properly learn a piece of music on your own.  By David Finckel.
  • Warming Up - Find out how other players warm up, and what works for you.  By James Reel.
  • Love at First Sight - Learning to sight-read may not be as tough as you think. By James Reel.
  • Twice as Nice - A primer in executing double-stops on the violin. An easy guide for playing double stops, incuding diagrams, musical examples, and helpful tips. By Bobbi Shern Nikles.
  • Good Vibrations - Phyllis Young offers tips on developing beautiful vibrato tips on vibrato for violin, viola, and cello. By Greg Cahill.
  • Practice Spiccato - Mastering spiccato is an absolute necessity. By James Reel.
  • Battle of the Bridge - How to develop a full range of sound on the cello. By James Reel.
  • Crossing Guard - Brush up on a little geometry to sharpen your crossing technique. With music to play. By James Reel.
  • World of Possibilities - Learn to devise the best cello fingerings. By Benjamin Whitcomb.
  • Up a Wall - Jonathan Swartz on arm weight and developing a support system. By James Reel.
  • Bowing with Style - An exploration of the use of the stick for a uniform orchestral sound. Most conductors advocate uniform bowing. By James Reel.
  • Stay the Course - Learn to steady that bouncing bow. By Paul Stein.
  • Keep on Dancing - Learning the fine art of rhythmizing the bow.  Thinking of the bow arm as a rhythmic instrument. With the advice and music by Julie Lyonn Lieberman. By James Reel.
  • Vertical Climb - Violin duos that can help you learn harmony. By James Reel.
  • Jumping Off a Clef - For a violinist, the transition to viola is more than an effort of the left hand. Switching from violin to viola--tips and advice for those looking to try. By James Reel.
  • The Inner Diva - Learn to shine as an accompanying violist. By James Reel.
  • Freedom Song - Mastering the fine art of cello accompaniment in alternative styles. Charting cello accompaniment in alternative music styles. Tips on how to pick up pointers, master the art of accompaniment rhythm, and learn the rockabilly bass line. With music to play. By James Reel.
  • Walk the Line - With a few tools, bassists can spice it up with original bass lines. By James Reel.
  • Express Yourself - Improv made easy. Or 30 days to making music your own. Easy ways to begin improvising, including information from Bob Phillips as well as specific tips on where to begin, and how to work with an interactive CD or DVD (with a list of suggested titles). With music to play. By James Reel.
  • Groove Thang - It's only rock 'n' roll, but a lot of string players like it. How to translate rock energy and individuality to a bowed stringed instrument. With technical tips for playing. Plus music to play. By James Reel.

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