No. 319, July/Aug 2024

No. 319, July/Aug 2024

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In our cover story this issue, contributing editor David Templeton chats with Lindsey Stirling about the inspiration behind her new album, Duality; her writing process; and why she thinks her fans are just the best. The album is the result of a great deal of introspection about trusting—and listening to—one’s inner voice. “Do I trust my brain, which is listening to what others are saying and considering that,” she asks, “or do I listen to the opposing voice of my heart?” Elsewhere, you’ll find a new special section focusing on string pioneers Maud Powell, Henry Lewis, Arcangelo Corelli, Guilhermina Suggia, and Juventino Rosas.


Also in this issue:

Matteo Goffriller’s near brush with obscurity

Bassist Avery Sharp pens a poignant song cycle

The Takács Quartet tackles Schubert

The Key to a Productive Composer/Player Relationship

How to Shop for an Electric Instrument


And more . . .

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