Teen Strings - No.9, January/February 2008

Teen Strings - No.9, January/February 2008

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Fiddle Phenom
Mike Barnett has the world on a string By Heather K. Scott

Something Special
New York Youth Symphony musicians reach out to those who need music the most By Laura Schiller


Teen Talk
Teen Talk A prospective violinist's dream comes true

Name that Maestro Jumble Unscramble the name of NBC Orchestra string players, then unscramble the circled letters to reveal the name of the orchestra's famous maestro

What's Up!
What's Up! Teen trio sizzles on 7X7's annual Hot 20 under 40 list, Joshua Bell premieres a teen composer's violin concerto, and more

My Turn
On Being Me A teen violinist waits in the wings as a performer and aspiring music-magazine publisher By Giancarlo Latta

Performance Tips
Choosing a Piece How to find repertoire that makes you shine By Sarah Freiberg

Practice Tips
You're the Teacher How to take the driver's seat while practicing By David Finckel

Body and Mind
No Love Left Behind Proper left-hand position keeps your playing healthy, stealthy By mimi zweig

Behind the Music
'Waltz' Time Mark O'Connor turns a simple theme into a rich symphony of sound By Rory Williams

Music to Play
Bow and Scrape Explore hip-hop rhythm with this etude By Mimi Rabson

Trivia Obscura Quiz Test your knowledge of the lives of legendary composers and string players, not just the benchmarks you can list on a timeline: you may just see a little of yourself in their lives after all

Sound Advice
Stick to It Bow care is as easy as 1, 2, 3 By Erin Shrader

Plugged In
Amplified Heat A primer for string players seeking to pump up the volume By Heather K. Scott

Wicked Cool Stuff
Wicked Cool Stuff Shar's new Plug 'n' Play; handy iPod accessories

Advertiser Index
Advertiser Index A list of the advertisers from the Jan/Feb 2008 issue of Teen Strings

Mixed Media
Mixed Media Ruby Jane Smith's new CD, a Tchaikovsky primer, and more

10 things . . .
10 Things You Didn't Know About . . . Mark Summer, cellist with the Turtle Island String Quartet By Corinne Zycherman

Know Your Axe Crossword Puzzle Think you know all of the parts that come together to make your violin? Test your knowledge with this crossword puzzle

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