Teen Strings - No. 5, January/February 2007

Teen Strings - No. 5, January/February 2007

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In the Moment
For Nigel Armstrong, the emotional connection to the music is paramount By David Templeton

Keeping It Real
Getting into the mind of teen composer Jay Greenberg By Megan Westberg

Fiddling Frenzy
A journal of my life with the violin By Sandra Harris


Editor's Note
Here's a challenge. Find a whole world of interesting things to do in this issue; including, read about the Red Priest, complete the pop quiz, find out more about Nigel Armstrong, polish your fiddle moves, and clean your instrument By Greg Cahill

Pop Quiz. It's A Small World After All

What's Up!
A Fortunate Event. PBS plans to air 13 half-hour episodes of From the Top, National Public Radio's much-loved teen-musician showcase radio program, on TV

My Turn
Inner Strings From Schubert's "Arpeggione" to Walton's Concerto, the viola is an expressive instrument By Barbara Vante

Performance Tips
Flash Fiddle A brief history of killer moves or how to knock the socks off your audience By Gregory Walker

Practice Tips
Battle of the Bridge. How to develop a full range of sound on the cello By James Reel

Body and Mind
Staying Healthy. Nurturing adolescent wellness isn't such a stretch By James Reel

Behind the Music
Heavenly Holst Gazing anew at Gustav Holst's The Planets, Op. 32 By Graham Pellettieri

Music to Play
Zombie. By Dolores O'Riordan, based on the Cranberries' song, arranged by John Reed

Sound Advice
Shake the Chill. Surviving the winter blues with these instrument-care tips By Erin Shrader

Did You Know. Wolf Tones By James McKean

Mixed Media
Wigged Out. Why Handel Waggled His Wig, the Really Terrible Orchestra, bobbleheads of your favorite composer, You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown, First-Class Master, The Arkansas Traveler, and A Fortunate Event

Wicked Cool Stuff
Stick This In Your Ear. Yamaha's Musician's Companion, the iRiver T30, and the MXL 2001/603 Anniversary Pack

Sage Advice
Geoff Nuttall. Do it for Love By Tiffany Martini

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