Teen Strings - No. 3, Summer 2006

Teen Strings - No. 3, Summer 2006

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Going the Distance
Caitlin Tully is balancing the demands of school, stage, and sports By James Reel

Rock Happens
A cadre of rock-orchestra players is changing the face of string playing By David Templeton

Outside the Box
A young classically trained player is taking the violin into uncharted territory—the high-energy world of hip-hop By David Templeton

Always a Winner
Competing can be the best way to set goals and hone your skills By Sarah Yakir


Installing and Caring for Strings. Here are a few tips to follow when changing your strings By Heather K. Scott

Teens in the News
Top of the World Find out what teen rock violinist Antonio Pontarelli is up to, who won the big money in competitions, and much more

My Turn
Talking Bass Learning the language of stringed instruments is its own reward By Mike Thurbier

Body and Mind
Fit as a Fiddle For musicians, staying healthy can be as easy as a walk in the park By David Templeton

Behind the Music
Fond Farewell Haydn's symphony no. 45 is a persuasive masterwork By Graham Pellettieri

Music to Play
Hip-Hop Etude No. 4. By Daniel Bernard Roumain

Word Play
Word Play. Insert your own words in this puzzle to create a funny paragraph By David Templeton

Plugged In
When a Violin Is Not a Violin Demystifying the art and science of MIDI By Gregory Walker

Did You Know?. Keifer Sutherland's violin playing launched his acting career

Sound Advice
6 Things to Look for When Buying a Bow. 6 things to consider when shopping for a bow By Richard Ward

Did You Know?. Albert Einstein carried his violin almost everywhere he went
Get a Grip Two simple tools to help perfect your bowing technique

Wicked Cool Stuff
Silence Is Golden. An electric violin that just might rock your world By Erin Shrader

Mixed Media
Benedetti Delivers Nicola Benedetti debuts on disc; Casey Driessen strikes out on his own; Swedish trio Vasen powers up in Japan; a book that will keep you at the head of your musical class; plus the lowdown on podcasts, blogs, and lessons online

Sage Advice
My Inner Walrus. Notes and comments from Rushad Eggleston By Rushad Eggleston

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