Teen Strings - No. 12, November/December 2008

Teen Strings - No. 12, November/December 2008

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Young Violinists Are Discovering a Passion for Mariachi
The violin-driven folk music is making a big splash in classrooms By Patrick Sullivan


X-word Puzzle Time for terms!
X-word Answers Answers to the Nov/Dec 2008 X-word puzzle By Megan Westberg

Poll Results
Poll Results: What are your favorite stocking stuffers?

5 Websites We Like! Check out these great online resources for string players

What's Up!
Teens in the News MIC string quartets sweep Fischoff competition; results of St. Paul String Quartet comp.; Benji Bae of Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestra; Johansen International Competition for Young String Players preview By Rory Williams

My Turn
Violinist Shannon Lee studies in China Budding virtuoso, who released her self-titled debut album in July, shares her Great Wall Music Academy experience By Shannon Lee

Performance Tips
Theatrical tips for a stellar concert Worried about making a slip or encountering stone-cold faces at your next recital or audition? Chill out! By Simone Solondz

Practice Tips
Learn to Steady that Bouncing Bow Tips on preventing that most common problem By Paul Stein

Body and Mind
Take a Seat But choose your chair wisely to ensure the proper posture for a string player By Felicity Vincent

Music to Play
Lawrence Traiger's cello piece for teens 'Dispositions for cello and piano' is a great intro to contemporary music By Sarah Freiberg

Sound Advice
Keep Your Bow Clean A little care can stave off serious problems By Erin Shrader

Plugged In
How to order your effects Using signal flow to create a unique electric sound By Scott Laird

Wicked Cool Stuff
Wicked Cool Stuff Blue Snowflake USB mic, Via Musician Handgrips, and Great Composer Bobbleheads By various writers

Advertiser Index
Advertiser Index A list of advertisers from the Nov/Dec 2008 issue

Mixed Media
Mixed MediaThe American Fiddle Method: Volume 2 (Mel Bay Publications: $34.95); Introducing Shannon Lee (Telarc CD-80695); Concert Suite from the original soundtrack of 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix' (Alfred Publishing, Belwin: $85); Oxford Music Online By Rory Williams

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