Teen Strings - No. 10, March/April/May 2008

Teen Strings - No. 10, March/April/May 2008

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Gabriel Cabeza Profile
Award-winning cellist Gabriel Cabezas handles fame with a level head and a sense of humor By Donna Shryer

Lincoln Center's Student Producers
A group of New York students produces an unconventional concert series that's redefining chamber music and growing a new, cooler audience By Donna Shryer

Scenes from the Chamber Music Institute
At the annual Chamber Music Institute, students get up close and personal with some of the world's greatest musicians By David Templeton


Teen Talk
Teen Talk This violinist is all about the audience

What's Up!
What's Up! Antonio Pontarelli rocks on Serj Tankian's newest solo project, teen string players fill in for the pros, Mindy Chen wows Jay Leno, plus contest winners

My Turn
Giving Back This aspiring violist wants to support the community that's supported her By Theresa Eugene

Performance Tips
Learn Ensemble Etiquette Knowing a few basic behaviors can pave the way for new orchestra members By Sarah Freiberg

Practice Tips
Practice Spiccato Mastering spiccato is an absolute necessity By James Reel

Body and Mind
Prevent Fingertip Cracks Keep those fingertips hydrated and protected By Yvonne Caruthers

Behind the Music
The Story on Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons" Learn the nature of Vivaldi's sweeping concerti By Emily-Jane Hills Orford

Music to Play
"Some of These Days" - with audio recording "Some of These Days" is excerpted from the Swing-Jazz Violin with Hot-Club Rhythm book Melody composed by Sheldon Brooks, 1910. Arrangement and composed solo by Jeremy Cohen By Jeremy Cohen

Pop Quiz How well is your music education working for you? By Megan Westberg

Plugged In
Choosing a Mic A primer for string players seeking to pump up the volume By Heather K. Scott

Wicked Cool Stuff
3 Items Manikken's wall-mounted organizer; D'Addario's fractional-size strings; and flash cards to get you in the know

Mixed Media
Mixed Media Tasmin Little's free tunes; instant piano accompaniment online; and info about the upcoming International Violin Compeitition of Indianapolis

10 things . . .
10 Things You Didn't Know About the Double Bass Bass players can make seagull calls and wolf howls--and that's just for starters By Paul Hormick

Famous Fiddlers Give this crossword a whirl to pick out the famous fiddlers

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