Teen Strings - No. 1, Fall 2005

Teen Strings - No. 1, Fall 2005

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Dream Team
Most-valuable players trading cards. Collect all 12! By Greg Cahill

Strings on Fire
Wish your school strings program was a little more exciting? Maybe there's something you can do about it By David Templeton

Rockin' a Hard Place
Antonio Pontarelli is breaking down borders By Greg Cahill

Cool in School
Four teens tell it like it is By various authors

Your Parents, Your Pals
5 ways your Mom and Pop can support your musical journey By Donna Schryer


Bow-ology Lesson Chances are you've come across many of these essential bowing terms. But what do they really mean? Here's your first class in Bow-ology
Jumble Musicians word puzzle
They Got Game. Chicagoland Pops Orchestra performs score from Final Fantasy
Five Favorite Violin Ringtones

Practice Tips
How To… Enhance Your Performance Skills

Players Who Know that the Viola is the Bomb. Think violinists have all the fun? Guess again

Practice Tips
How To… Improve Your Technique

Free Online Resources. Be part of the worldwide community of string players

Plugged In
The Electric Company Plug in to new forms of expression By Erin Shrader

Sound Advice
How To… Care for Your Instrument

Great String Moments in Hollywood History. Five great films featuring strings By David Templeton
Top 10 Signs You're Destined to Be a String Player. By David Templeton

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