No. 64, September/October 1997

No. 64, September/October 1997

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The Advocate
Yuri Bashmet makes a case for the viola's growing repertoire By Timothy Pfaff

Tender Loving Care
Inside the Oberlin Stringed Instrument Restoration Workshop By Darcy Lewis

Nigo's Legacy
By Laurence Anderson

On a Mission
The Ying Quartet Reaches Out By Elizabeth Dossa


News & Notes

Music Academy of the West. Profile of Southern California music academy By Leonne Lewis

Bowings. Who determines bowings for cellos in an orchestra? By Sarah Freiberg

Goldberg Cellos. Cello maker Johann Gottlieb Goldberg By Jessamyn Reeves-Brown

To Our Readers. Beginner's questions about playing (holding the instrument, why aren't there frets, why pegs?

Alexander Technique and Feldenkrais Method. Explanation and comparison of the two methods By Nora Nausbaum

Violin Hickeys Redux. Wrap-up on reader advice regarding violin hickeys

Letter From
Letter from New York. Player's visit to Christophe Landon's exhibition of modern American makers By Rozanna Weinberger

Practical Musician
Exploring Editions: Bach's Cello Suites. How to choose an edition? Comparison of editions of Bach By Sarah Freiberg

Play It!
Unsquare Dances. Composer explains how she wrote pieces in unusual meters By Hollis Taylor

Unsquare Dances. By Hollis Taylor

Bitten by the Bug. What are bow bugs, and how to deal with them By Mary VanClay

Market Report

Accompaniment Products for String Players Part II: What's Available Recorded and MIDI products for playing with accompaniment By Ethan Winer

On Stage
Spotlight on New York Premiers, Debuts, and Double Exposures New York concert reviews By Edith Eisler

In Print
The Right Stuff Shopping for Quartet Arrangements Review of new string quartet arrangements By Jana Luckey De Mita

On Record
Sampling Schubert New Releases in His Anniversary Year Schubert releases on CD By Timothy Pfaff

Short Takes
Mahler, by the Smithsonian Chamber Players By Timothy Pfaff

Mutter, Mahler, and Books that Teach Recordings Brahms played by Anne-Sophie Mutter By Timothy Pfaff

Bach violin sonatas (Mackintosh and cole; Grumiaux) By Edith Eisler

Cello premieres (Yo-Yo Ma) By Russell Platt

Richard Greene: Sales Tax Toddle By Stacy Phillips

The Freight Hoppers: Where'd You Come from, Where'd You Go? By Stacy Phillips

coolangubra: storm coming By Hollis Taylor

Machover and Uszler: Sound Choices, Guiding Your Child's Musical Experiences By Nancy Uscher

Stacy Phillips: Mel Bay's Beginning Fiddle Solos By Hollis Taylor

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