No. 14, September/October 1989

No. 14, September/October 1989

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Advanced Pizzicato Techniques. By Alexis Valk

17th International Viola Congress. By Pounds, Dwight, and Eugene Kaza

Breaking the Rules How Performances by Oistrakh and Grumiaux Reveal Music's Unwritten Notation By Nathan Rubin

Sound Piece for Solo Viola. By David M. Brin

Claude Williams on the Warpath A Jazz Great Plays "Cherokee" By Matt Glaser

Teachers & Students
How to Find the Right Teacher. By Edith Eisler

All Bowed Instruments
String Quartet Congress The First Ever By David M. Brin

A Talk with George Perle On Music History, Tonality, and Composing By Josephine Carson

Playing Hurt Doctors, Musicians, and Teachers on When to Stop, What to Do By Ruth F. Brin

French Suites for Viol Mastering the Virtuoso Music of Marin Marais and Others By Crum, Alison, with Sonia Jackson

Adventure, Dedication, and Diversity Mixed Chamber Ensembles Enliven the New York Concert Scene By Edith Eisler

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