No. 187, November 2010

No. 187, November 2010

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That's Another Mutter Entirely

Forget the notion that Anne-Sophie Mutter is unapproachable. The violin virtuoso chats with Christiane Rebmann about her upcoming New York Phil residency, a passion for modern music, her legacy, her husbands, and . . . George Clooney! By Christiane Rebmann

From Russia with Love

Cellist Wendy Warner pays tribute to her past, but steps out of her mentor's shadow with a renewed sense of self By James Reel

John Philip Sousa's Violin: An American Original

The restoration of the iconic bandleader's first violin focuses attention on the beginnings of a remarkable career By Erin Shrader

Metal Mania Has Rocked the String World for Decades

Aluminum fiddles have a long, strange history—and some modern champions By Patrick Sullivan

Industry Meets Art: The History of the Iconic Hill Bow

The Hill Bow workshop produced high-quality bows in quantity By Philip Kass

News & Notes

Daniel Hope searches violin's roots, Bertram Turetzky's recording reissued, Lynn Harrell and Helen Nightengale speak out for Save the Children, ViolaMania concert attempts record, and 5 minutes with . . . Kala Ramnath, plus News Briefs

News Spotlight

Long Island Violin Shop Donates Instruments to Haitian Children Strings reader and members of the violin trade open their hearts to rebuild Haitian quake-ravaged music school By Katie Robbins

Center Stage

Elite Players Can Bank on the Benefits of the Tonhalle in Zurich Swiss orchestra provides world-class training ground for young string players By Inge Kjemtrup

On My Music Stand

A Treasure Trove of French Music for the Creative Violinist This Saint-Saens Romantic work has stood the test of time By Misha Keylin

Teaching Strings

Create the Right Environment for Adult String Students 3 ways to provide the proper setting and supply context for grown-ups By Christopher Roberts

Practical Musician

Learn to Build a Loyal Fan Base with These 4 Simple Steps How to keep your fans coming back. Top chamber-music players share their secrets of success By Louise Lee

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