No. 93, April 2001


Craft and Competition
Makers Confer and Contend for Top Honors at the VSA By Heather Scott & Jessamyn Reeves-Brown

A Tutti
Orchestras Cast Out Conductors and Create by Consensus By Darcy Lewis

Market Forces
Will the Limited Supply of Big-Name Instruments Keep Up Prices in an Uncertain Economy? By Heather K. Scott


News & Notes
news and events

Passages from India. profile of dhrupad cellist Nancy Lesh By Susan M. Barbieri
False Strings. explanation of why strings go false By Fan Tao

To Our Readers. question about coping with the intonation problems induced by hearing aids

Intonation Aids. advice on coping with intonation problems

Letter From
Letter from Moscow. account of an American performing in a Russian orchestra By E. Scott Brady

Master Class
Practice and Self-Observation. how to use self-observation to improve practice By Tom Heimberg

Play It!
Reviving Ragtime. David Reffkin explains salon orchestras and ragtime music By Jessamyn Reeves-Brown

Shop Visit
Maker Boyd Poulsen Finds a Balance. profile of violin and bow maker Boyd Poulsen By Jessamyn Reeves-Brown

In Print
Instruction in American Fiddling The Best Books and Videos for Every Style review of American fiddling instructional books and videos By Stacy Phillips

On Stage
New York News From Sonatas to Symphonies, Musicians Play It Up review of New York City concerts By Edith Eisler

On Record
Brand-New Beethoven Recent CDs Breathe New Life into Old Friends CD review: recent Beethoven recordings By Timothy Pfaff

Short Takes
Forward Thinkers Recordings CD review: Josephine Baker, Complete Recorded Works By Anthony Barnett

Forward Thinkers Recordings CD review: Lou Harrison Suite for Violin with String Orchestra et al., by New Zealand Symphony By Heather K. Scott

Forward Thinkers Recordings CD review: Caught by the Sky with Wire, by the Maya Beiser/ Steven Schick Project By Hollis Taylor

New Products
introducing new products for players

Auction Report
results from November instrument auctions

Eric Meyer's Shop Dust Solution. report on fittings maker Eric Meyer's creative answer to problem shop dust By Clyde Curley

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