No. 78, May/June 1999

No. 78, May/June 1999

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In the Real World
Making the most of your music degree By Jana Luckey

The Alexander Quartet: Develop a Broad Base By Mary VanClay

Donald McInnes: Move Beyond Lessons By Rozanna Weinberger

Timothy Eddy: Prepare for Real Life By Edith Eisler

Sylvia Rosenberg: Build a Foundation By Edith Eisler

Marion Feldman: Keep an Open Mind By Rozanna Weinberger

Phillip Ying: Create Opportunities By Elizabeth Dossa

Teaching the Teacher
Opportunities for string players who want to be pedagogues By Sarah Freiberg

Musical Mentors
The New York String Seminor supports and challenges young players By Edith Eisler

Music School Directory
North American Colleges, Universities, and Conservatories


News & Notes

Chris White's New Directions Cello Association. By Mary VanClay

In Person
Everything I Need to Know I Learned in String-Quartet Rehearsals. By Benjamin Simon

Reveling with Rostropovich. By Jana Luckey

Ah, the Glamor of Touring. By Julie Giacobassi

Maker John Juzek.

Shoulder and Chin Rests.

To Our Readers. Is in inadvisable to study both violin and classical guitar at the same time?

Buying Instruments.

Play It!
Writing a Romantic Cello Concerto in 1998. By Ethan Winer

On Stage
Choice Concerts Soloists, Duos, and Trios in New York By Edith Eisler

In Print
Around the World in 80 Measures Cello Music with International Flair By Sarah Freiberg

On Record
A Mahler Immersion New Releases of the Symphonies By Edith Eisler

Market Report
News about the marketplace

Paying the Rent. By Mary VanClay

The Musicas Fund. By Jessamyn Reeves-Brown

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